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Brain freeze: Psychology Club holds ice cream social

Amanda Madjid
Sophomore Ziva Lopez sets her half-eaten ice cream on a table during the psychology club Valentine’s Day themed meeting.

The Psychology Club hosted an ice cream social Feb. 22 after construction forced a rescheduling. The Valentine’s Day-themed presentation provided insight on the psychology behind love, and the club offered ice cream to students.

“I liked the overall idea,” sophomore Hlla Waregh said. “It was a nice experience learning about the psychological side of love and emotions and enjoying ice cream afterward.”

The meeting was originally scheduled to be Feb. 15, the day after Valentine’s Day, to fit the theme. However, complications with construction would leave room 4-201 closed off. Club sponsor Sarah Scott was moved to the media center during that week. The ice cream social could not be hosted there due to the no-eating policy.

“We found out a few days before, so they had time to prepare,” Scott said. “All of my desks were about filled out, and I would say there were probably close to thirty people in here.”

Junior Hunah Quadri, the vice president of the club, had already bought the ice cream and had to store it in the freezer to save it for the meeting a week later. This allowed the club organizers more time to bring toppings.

Junior Mariam Hassan said she was satisfied with the event’s turnout.

“I was honestly scared that there wasn’t going to be enough people, and I’m always anxious whenever I have club meetings that nobody’s ever going to come,” Hassan said. “I was surprised to see that there weren’t even enough chairs for people to find spots.”

It was the Psychology Club’s second meeting. During the first half of the club meeting, Hassan presented a slide show reviewing how the human brain responds to affection and the behavior of neurons and neurotransmitters that cause the feeling. Shortly after the presentation, students lined up for ice cream.

“The presentation was good and about what I expected; even if it was short, it still had good information,” sophomore Ziva Lopez said. “The ice cream was a fun spin on the meeting and very enjoyable.”

The presentation was decorated with pink hearts and provided a QR code that led participants to a quick quiz on ideal dates and thoughts on the idea of true love. Hassan helped construct and present the slideshow while volunteers earned hours through serving the ice cream.

“[Hassan] is a great role model here at West Shore, and she has a lot of people that look up to her, and so we’re all very excited,” Scott said.


By Amanda Madjid


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