College Board to post scores electronically

Liam Wixted, Staff Writer

Advanced placement students no longer will walk to their mailboxes in anticipation of finding out the exam scores because beginning in July, College Board will begin transmitting those scores electronically so they can be download and printed.

“Now that it’s online, I won’t have to worry about waiting for my mail or having my scores get lost in the mail,” junior Ryan Robidoux said.

The College Board website states that with access to AP scores online, students also will be able to send scores to universities directly from the site rather than requesting via phone, mail, or fax. The site also states that students can view their entire AP score histories and status on pending scores.

“It will be more convenient because I won’t have to wait as long for my scores,” senior Austin McKeever said. “Also I can print the scores to send them to colleges or just email them.”