Club soccer teams face Disney tourney

Space Coast United’s soccer team and other club sports teams from all over the world met in Orlando to compete in the Disney Wide World of Sports tournament, where junior Nicholas Inganna’s U17 team battled its way to the championship game.

“We were expected to do very well in the tournament,” Inganna said. “We slaughtered 6-0 the first team. The second game was back and forth, and in the last few minutes we scored to win the game.”

After winning two games, which included a fight resulting in two red cards, Inganna’s team made it to the finals.

“We were supposed to lose by a lot,” he said. “But throughout the game whenever the other team would score, we would score right back. At the end of the game it was 4-4. We went into penalty kicks. We went through the whole lineup twice before someone on my team missed. We ending up losing the Disney cup.”

Junior Liam Wiles, who is on the same team, explained some of the difficulties and setbacks in the game.

“Since it was our first three real games together as a team, our chemistry wasn’t very good. We were out of shape and tired during the last game,” Wiles said. “We plan on training hard, staying fit and focused to so we can hopefully win the cup next year.”

By Ryan Patel