Club places emphasis on history

Social studies teacher Amy Dimond has opened up her room for History Club meetings, which will take place every Thursday during Power Hour B and are open for everyone.
“We come together and discuss historical events from different perspectives,” Dimond said. “Each student comes from a different background and brings their perspective.”
The club also organizes different events around campus, and plans to do more activities this year.
“We organize a veteran’s breakfast on Veteran’s Day to honor teachers who have served,” Dimond said.
The club covers all areas of history, especially topics its members are most interested in. The current topic ideas are Hellenistic Greece, the Gilded Age and World War 1 to World War 2.
“We will be covering the 1970s to the 2000s, starting with the Cold War,” Dimond said.
You can join History Club if you are in any grade. The only qualification is that you enjoy learning about history and the topic of history itself.
“I would absolutely recommend this club for students who are passionate about history,” Dimond said. “I would not recommend this if you are not passionate about history.”
By Cooper Thomson