Chorus prepares for spring concert

Alyssa Dumbra

Since the beginning of the semester, the chorus classes have been preparing for their May 4 spring concert.

The concert will feature all chorus levels, and it will also feature a special performance by the seniors.

Although the seniors are excited to perform, they expressed mixed feelings about it being their final performance before they leave for college.

“I feel pretty stoked for the [senior] performance,” senior Jadasia Norris said. “We have been practicing a lot for it.” 

In fact, the seniors have been practicing every Friday and every other Saturday.

Some of the underclassmen and juniors are upset that this will be the last time that they get to perform with their senior friends.

“I am very close to some of the seniors this year, so it’s sad to know that this is their last performance, and they are going off to college, and they won’t be in any of my classes this year,” junior Victoria Skaggs said.

The Chamber Chorus and the Women’s Chorus also have been practicing intensely.

“Since I am in Chamber Chorus, [director Amy] Davis has us split up into groups to practice,” Skaggs said. “I know that the women’s chorus is using two of their songs from the MPA in the spring concert. Overall, all of the choruses have been practicing, so I think that we will do good.” 

By Alyssa Dumbra