Choirs score superior at Musical Performance Assessments

The Chamber Choir and Women’s Choir performed in the the Musical Performance Assessment. Chamber Choir scored superiors in both  on stage performance and in sight-reading; Women’s Choir scored an excellent in  on stage performance and a superior in sight-singing.

Junior Shelley Mitchell, a member of the Chamber Choir, said the choir performed well on the difficult songs they prepared for the event.

“We did really well on the performance because we worked really hard and the songs were particularly difficult  because they were both in foreign languages, I think Latin and Spanish,” Mitchell said. “One had such different parts so it was difficult to sing, and the other was hard to get a good intonation on the other one.”

Junior Fanny Lilavois, a member of Women’s Choir, said the chorus prepares for the MPAs everyday, and that the choir is happy with the scoring.

“We practice two songs we prepared for the MPAs, and we sight-sing every day,” Lilavois said. “We were pretty happy with our scores, not surprised, but proud of how well we did.”

Mitchell added that the choir overcame initial issues with the sight reading part of the assessment.

“We got off to a rocky start on the sight reading,” Mitchell said. “But we pulled it together and ended with a superior.”