Chemistry moles invade media center

As part of National Mole Day, a scientific holiday pertaining to Avogadro’s basic measurement unit —  a mole — chemistry students created their own moles and placed them on display in the media center.

The students had to design a mole with a theme and a name related to the theme. The name had to have the word “mole” in it. They then sewed the moles and decorated them according to their theme.

“I’m always amazed at their [the students’] creative minds,” chemistry teacher Delilah Narvaez said. “All I do is give them the template, and they do all the thinking.”

Freshman chemistry student Eric Billhartz said he liked viewing the projects.

“I enjoyed seeing all the other moles,” he said. “I thought some of the ideas were really funny.”

Although Mole Day is officially on Oct. 23, Narvaez said she looks forward to the day all year.

“I like it because it’s the one day that moles are fun,” she said.

By Valerie Ferretti