Cheerleading fund-raiser gets competitive

By Abbie Kellner, Staff Writer

Leave it to cheerleaders to put the “fun” in fund-raising. While raising money has become a large part of most every sport, club and organization due to budget cuts during the last few years,  members of the cheer team have turned a chore into a team-bonding experience and competition, selling pasta shaped like animals, holiday symbols, sports equipment and college team logos, such as sea life, soccer balls, music notes and the logos of the Gators and Seminoles until Sept. 19.

“It’s a fund-raiser I do not mind doing because it goes to a good cause, and I get to know my team better,” sophomore Natalie Mann said.

Every cheerleader is highly encouraged to sell a set quota of items at every fund-raiser. The morning after the fundraising packets are handed out, many of the teachers, faculty and administrative staff receive a flood of cheerleaders in their classrooms and offices wanting to make the sale. And the race to make a sale doesn’t stop at faculty. Most potential customers have adopted the policy of buying from the seller that gets to them first, keeping the fast-paced competition alive.

“Even though it’s required to raise money, it’s really fun and benefits our whole team,”  eighth-grader Summer R. said.

Team members also said they are psyched about their third annual Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough sale coming up in a few weeks. So teachers and students should be prepared for an onslaught of cheerleaders eager to be the first to make the sale.

Editor’s note: Brevard Public School policy prohibits the inclusion of last names for middle-school students on its web sites.