Cheerleaders work to avoid injuries

The cheerleaders are preparing for their long season, which began in July and runs through February, by trying to avoid injuries that come with the sport.

To that end, before they cheer the team stretches and warms, but Coach Carrie Wadzinski said injuries are most often caused by mistakes.

“When they do something wrong, that’s what usually causes the injury,” she said, adding that more practice produces fewer errors.

“Perfection before progression,” Wadzinski said. “ Learn the easier things first, then you will be better at the harder things,”

 When a cheerleader is hurt, the team must be able to make an adjustment to be able to perform.

“One stunt group will go on, then whoever’s missing from this stunt group, that person will come over and do it in the other stunt group and help,” she said.

Wadzinski added that spectators often do not give credit to the strength and athleticism it takes to be a cheerleader. 

“When we throw a stunt and when it looks easy, we’ve done it a thousand times,” she said. “I think people just think it’s a lot easier than it is.”

By Jessica Marzano