Cheerleaders travel to Sabal

Abbie Kellner, Staff Writer

The cheerleaders are going back to elementary school Friday to help Sabal Elementary with its Good Medal Celebration. Sabal is celebrating an award for its support of positive behavior. The  varsity cheerleaders were invited by Sabal Principal Stephanie Hall to attend and perform at this event because the elementary school does not have a cheer team of its own. The event is similar to a pep rally which will be new experience for most of the elementary school children.

“It means a lot to us that out of all cheer squads in the area we got invited,” junior Kristina Manning said.

The Gold Medal Celebration is set to take place Friday morning at the elementary school. This event along with the West Shore’s spring pep rally in April are the final events for the team.

“It’s a nice way to end the season,” sophomore Amanda Moscrip said. “It’s going to be fun event and get us pumped up for tryouts in few weeks.”