Cheerleaders host ongoing bake sale

The cheerleaders are beginning to hold bake sales Fridays after school to raise money for new uniforms and other equipment.

The cheerleaders have limited money to spend each year on equipment and uniforms. At some schools, the cheerleaders must buy their own uniforms which can cost as much as $200, but the West Shore cheer team hosts fund-raisers to try to earn extra money for new and improved uniforms.

“We’re raising money so next year’s cheer team can afford new uniforms,” senior Allie Kellner said. “We haven’t been able to buy new uniforms in a long time because we’ve had to use the cheer money for new mats and flags.”

The bake sales have been scheduled for every other Friday outside of the cafeteria and the courtyard.

“Everything at the bake sale is $1. We’re selling cookies and brownies and some other baked goods” sophomore Maria-Elena Frederick said. “It would be really great if people would come support the West Shore cheerleaders and stop by the bake sales”

By Hannah Johnson