Cheerleaders have a new half-time routine

The cheerleaders have learned a new routine to perform at half-times during upcoming basketball games.

”Our captains Madi Coalter (11) and Zoey Tegland (12) did a great job teaching the team,” Riley Ransom (10) said. “I really like it a lot. I feel like the choreography is really interesting.”

The routine is to a remix of “Formation” by Beyoncé.

“I think the moves are very sharp and I really like that,” Audrey Dohmen (10) said. “It has a bit of a sass to it which I think the crowd will really like.”

There were tricks and stunts choreographed into the routine.

“At the end there will be a basket stunt, two other individual stunts,” Ransom said. “Me and Audrey are also going to be tumbling.”

Ransom said they plan on using the routine to get the crowd excited for the game.

“I think everything will go really well with the routine,” she said. “I know me and the other girls sure worked hard to make this routine amazing.”

By Hunter Delaney