Cheerleaders get college tutoring

Cheerleaders Max Kohlstedt (12), Alexia Potter (11), Josh Best (11), Bekah Crews (10), and Katelyn Curtis (10) attended a University of Central Florida cheer clinic for the second time this year on March 25 at the UCF gymnasium. The clinic was intended to be a learning experience where the college cheerleaders could watch and give advice on techniques and skills to work on. 

“I wasn’t able to attend the last clinic so this was my first time going to one,” Crews said. “I was nervous about going because I thought the college kids were going to be mean and judge me, but when I got there everyone was really nice, helpful and I was able to improve a lot from what they told me.”

Potter said the clinic has made a bit impact on her cheerleading abilities.

“The UCF cheerleaders are a lot more advanced than me, so I was able to gain skills and techniques from them that will help me overall get better,” Potter said. “This will also benefit the whole team because I can share the skills and techniques I learned with them.”

By Trinity Stivers