Cheer teams combine for pep-rally performance

The varsity and competitive teams combined to perform at the winter sports pep rally Friday during seventh period.

“Varsity is taking our Senior Night routine and adding the JV team to our performance,” freshman Reese Ransom said before the rally. “We are being combined for one big routine.”

Even though the varsity team has been somewhat forgotten behind the new competition team, Ransom said they are still ready.

“Varsity doesn’t get to do as many stunts as the competition team and we don’t really cheer at any games anymore,” she said. “The competition team does way more advanced stuff and gets way more attention from the coaches. Varsity is just kind of put off to the side. When our varsity team does get practice, we go over the routine many times to see what we can change and improve.”

For this pep rally, the teams were joined, which they have never done before. The practice for this big routine took a lot of time and effort.

“All three teams had practices together to learn a conjoint routine leading up to the pep rally,” junior Emma Lombroia said. “The younger girls working with the older girls definitely was difficult but we have all managed to work together.”

Even though varsity has had fewer practices than usual, the team still worked hard for the event, according to Lombroia.

“Cheer has consumed most of my time,” she said. “The long hours and practices I put into this paid off on Friday.”

By Keira Lee