Cheer team starting season with new uniforms

From the start of the school year, Madison Glatz and the rest of the cheer team have been raising money for new uniforms. As we head toward summer vacation, they have reached their goal and will be getting new uniforms upcoming season. The uniforms will be long-sleeved and charcoal grey as opposed to the navy blue which they currently wear.  With the new season beginning, however, the senior’s season is ending.

“Tryouts are really different this year because I usually learn the dance and cheers the week of tryouts, and is usually stressed out about learning it in time,” senior Allie Kellner said. “Now I’m learning it ahead of time, but in a way that’s even more stressful because not only do I have to know everything, I have to teach it to everyone else.”

And even though the team is losing four senior cheerleaders, Coach Carrie Wadinski said they will be even better going forward.

“This will be year 12 of coaching, and every year we get better as a whole,” she said. ” Even when people leave, new people step in and everything fits together.”

By Sophia Pliego