Cheer team ready to open season

With basketball season just around the corner, the Wildcat cheer team has been ramping up practices in preparation to come out on the floor and be even more successful than last year.

“I really look forward to showing off our new skills this season,” varsity captain Maddie Leary said. “It will be exciting to be performing new things that I was able to take part in creating.”

In addition to team goals, cheerleaders also set individual ones.

“[My goal] for the team is to maintain skills we learned previously and hopefully build on those skills,” junior Ashlyn Kellner said. “[My goal] personally is to do my best at all times and encourage others to do so as well. But it can be hard when outside emotions from both me and others are brought to practices and games and create a negative environment.”

Leary and co-captain Amanda Moscrip have many responsibilities in leading the team at practices and at games.

“[As a captain,] I have the responsibility of planning things such as cheers and stunts, as well as setting a good example for my teammates,” Leary said. “Captains have a big part in helping our coach, Carrie Waszinski, and always being there when she needs something to get done. [As an individual and captain] I try to bring positive energy to every single practice and game, I try my best which is definitely important for a cheerleading team.”

By Alexa Eenhuis