Cheer team raises money for uniforms

Junior Alexia Potter sold 18 dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts to lead all cheer-team members during a recent fund-raiser that brought in about $300 to be put toward purchasing new junior-varsity uniforms.

Potter initiated the fund-raiser which was held from Feb. 28 to March 14. The doughnuts sold for $6.50 a dozen.

“I was Inspired to do the fund-raiser because we don’t get a lot of funding from the school,” Potter said. “So most of the time coach ends up paying money out of her pocket when buying things for the cheerleading team.”

The school provides the cheerleading coach with $100 in the beginning of the year to buy supplies for the team, but outfitting the team with new uniforms will cost approximately $2,000.

The uniforms would allow the team to have more options of what to wear, especially on weeks when it cheers at four games.

“If junior varsity and varsity have matching uniforms, then the nights that we all perform together at the basketball games we will all be able to wear the same uniform,” seventh-grader Skye K. said. “It will allow us to be uniform and clean all together, and it will give us more options on what to wear.”

By Trinity Stivers

Editor’s note: Brevard Public Schools policy prohibits the inclusion of middle-schoolers’ last names on district-sponsored websites.