Chamber Orchestra to play at Disney


Danielle Ferretti

Senior Sierra Park and the Chamber Orchestra practice for their upcoming trip to Disney.

The Chamber Orchestra will participate in Disney Festival, a national competition) March 12 through March 14. Participants will receive a 20- to 25-minute adjudicated performance, with taped and written comments and a personalized educational clinic conducted by a designated adjudicator. On March 14, they will attend a ceremony and presentation of Festival Disney Medals for all individual participants and Festival Disney Awards for all participating ensembles.

“Its really exciting because this is the first time we have done something like this,” senior Megan Turnigan said. “We get to compete which is exciting because I’m a very competitive person.”

The visit to Disney follows the Stings Ensemble’s participation in the the annual Musical Performance Assessment at Titusville High School on Wednesday. Musicians practiced for weeks before MPAs under orchestra director Maureen Fallon and stings consultant Louise Abreu.