’Cats fall to Chiefland in tourney final

Konur Oyman, Staff Writer

The varsity boys’ basketball team recorded is first loss of their winter tournament, losing to Chiefland 44-27 Dec. 29.

Throughout the firs three quarters, the game was relatively close, and the Wildcats where riding a 1 point lead going into the fourth, but it was Chiefland’s combination of defence and scoring that led them to the victory, outscoring West Shore 19-1 in the fourth quarter.

The leading scorer for the Wildcats was senior point guard Scott Adams, who recorded 9 points, five rebounds, and five steals in the losing effort.  In the eyes of varsity coach Tony Riopelle, it was the lack of offensive execution in the fourth quarter that was the main factor in the Cats’ loss.

“We played as hard as we have all year, and just came up a bit short,” Riopelle said.  “We didn’t play well offensively in the fourth quarter and had a couple of our missed shots went in it could have been a different result. Overall, I am very proud of the team.”

The ‘Cats concluded their Bronson Tournament run at a 2-1 record, coming in as the runner up and losing to Chiefland for the second consecutive year in the finals.