Campus show to spotlight digital art

The National Art Honor Society will play host to the 12th annual digital art show. All high schools in Brevard County are invited to participate in the contest. Students turn their digital  artwork into graphic design teacher Jim Finch. The art will be judged by John Buck, president of the Brevard Photography Club and a past graphic designer. On Dec. 16 participants will attend an award ceremony in the media center to possibly collect an award or just look at the various artwork.

“I am excited for this contest because I have never competed in one before for digital art,” sophomore Jalyn Moore said. “I think it would be cool to win one to be more confident in my art.”

Finch, who sponsors the National Art Honors Society, created the contest himself.

“I started this 12 year ago because we didn’t have a venue for digital artist exclusively,” Finch said. “Always overshadowed by drawing and painting, but emerging media and technology is where things are going. So we needed this.”

The contest consists of three divisions: photography, illustration and a separate division for middle schoolers. Students can win awards in each of these categories. The artwork will be displayed in the media center afterwards.

By Savannah Henderson