Cafeteria TVs go largely unused

A few years ago two flat screen TV’s were added into the cafeteria but they seldom have been used, and sophomore Vinny Guglietta wants to know why.

“I’ve seen the TV’s used maybe twice since they were put in,” he said. “They’re really nice TVs, but the fact that they’re never used makes me really mad, because the money could’ve gone towards something more important like sports or better cafeteria food.”

Principal Rick Fleming said the televisions were purchased with funds left over from the auditorium construction in 2007.

“It was either we use it or lose it kind of money, so we decided to purchase a few TVs to play the announcements in the cafeteria during lunches or play the news during special events,” he said. “This was all planned when we still had three lunches, and now that we only have two, the use for the TVs has been limited.”

By Sierra Purden