Cafeteria staff plans for Winter Break

With the Winter Break approaching, the cafeteria staff has to do a bit of preparing so that food isn’t wasted and money is saved. In addition, cafeteria manager Alyce Higginbotham has planned a special menu consisting of entrees relating to the holiday season.

“Were doing the turkey, gravy, sweet potato pie, stuffing, just like Thanksgiving but for Christmas,” she said.

With this Higginbotham said she hopes to increase her customers and generate more profit.

Junior Cydney Asante said Higginbotham’s approach is working.

“I usually bring my own lunch, but I like getting school lunch near the holidays because they try to have feast-like foods,” she said.

In addition to making holiday lunches, the cafeteria staff also has to store bulk amounts of food a specific ways so that it will will still be usable when students return to school Jan. 8.

“We usually have to empty all the refrigerators and put a pan of ice in the freezer so that if something goes wrong we know because the ice would be melted,” Higginbotham said. “I usually give the cooked food to the kids that are out there because it can’t all be frozen.”

By Anyah Clarke