Cafeteria renovation impacts cheer team

The cafeteria renovations changed more than where students sit for lunch. The changes also have caused the cheer team to shorten its practices.

“I feel it is harder to have practice with the new cafeteria arrangements,” sophomore Bekah Crews said. “We have to move the tables at the beginning and the end of practices which cuts time from each practice.”

The new cafeteria layout also does not provide enough space for the cheerleaders to practice comfortably.

“We are not able to do as much stuff as before,” junior Alexia Potter said. “We are not able to spread out and do all of our cheers full out because there is not enough space, and there are too many of us. And we are not able to move all the tables.”

The cheer team has been working with the new cafeteria layout in order to get ready for the upcoming winter basketball season.

By Trinity Stivers