Buyout rule limits Follies to one show

In a departure from school tradition, the annual Senior Follies buyout was canceled due to a misinterpretation of district policy regarding buyouts. The evening performance was held as scheduled Thursday.

The misunderstanding of the policy over the past several years enabled the school to do buyouts. After a closer look at the policy and being contacted by the director of school accounting, the administration realized the school was in violation of the District Internal Accounting Manual by asking students to pay to get out of class.

“I don’t like that there’s no more buyouts because of Senior Follies,” senior Lesley Wright said. “Fewer students are going to go this year because they won’t even get a taste of it during school, and now it’s going to be harder to raise money because a lot of school organizations rely on buyouts for fundraising.”

Principal Rick Fleming said he hoped the the cancellation of the in-school show didn’t affect the turnout for the Senior Follies evening performance.

“I will tell you that the elimination of the buyouts has aggravated me as well,” he said. “Even though [Senior Follies] is a fundraiser and all the money goes right back into the school, it’s not something that we are permitted to do, so we had to eliminate the practice. I’m hoping that we’re going have a better turnout at the evening Senior Follies as a result.”

The performance was held from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the gym.

By Abby Kawa