Butterflies flutter into Brevard Zoo

Just in time for the summer rush, Brevard Zoo’s “Butterflies and the Magic of Nature” exhibit is returning to the Wild Florida section after a three-year absence. The exhibit features hundreds of native butterfly species, a snapping turtle, and various birds. Brevard Zoo’s communications manager Elliot Zirulnik said guests will be able to walk through the colorful attraction, where multiple activities await.

“This exhibit has something for every age group,” Zirulnik said. “Adults and older children will enjoy observing animal training sessions and native plant displays, while younger children may be drawn to a hands-on play area that emphasizes the magic of nature. Of course, everyone can appreciate the butterflies and other animals.”

Aside from the appeal of a butterfly landing on their hands, the zoo also expects that guests may be especially drawn to the month-old Nubian goats named Violet and Lily. The staff already claims to be wooed by their lovable personalities. These past few months have blessed the zoo with several other new additions, such as a baby giraffe and a pair of emu chicks. Following this pattern, guests will likely see some butterfly eggs making an appearance in the near future.

“That should be neat,” sophomore Derrik Wilbourne said. “I mean, butterflies are always very nice to look at.”

The official program, presented by Hope and Brian Fisher, will run from Saturday to Sept. 30. Entry to the exhibit is included with general zoo admission.

“If I was at the zoo, I would probably put it on the top of my priority list,” Wilbourne said.

Zirulnik said the zoo staff hopes the exhibit will encourage visitors to explore more about the topic in the future.

“We hope our guests will develop a greater appreciation for the magic of nature and leave inspired to act for butterflies and other native wildlife,” he said.

By Emily Lovelock.