Busy schedule moves Valentine celebration

Valentine’s Day is a time to show your affection and bring love and joy to those around you; however, this year, the story tells a different tale. Many teachers simply do not have the time for the holiday, choose to not celebrate, or celebrate before or after the holiday.

Science teacher Mary Schropp said she simply does not have the time to fit the holiday in her schedule.

“I have science fair, so for Valentine’s Day, I stayed at work till about 6:45 p.m.,” she said. ” I went home and just relaxed after a long day at work.”

But Schropp did celebrate Valentine’s Day, just not on Feb. 14.

“We purposefully went out to eat the Wednesday before Valentine’s Day because we knew how busy all the restaurants would be,” Schropp said. “My husband gave me some chocolates and some flowers and we had a nice time regardless of whether it was on the actual day or not.”

More and more people, not just teachers, are having to adjust the Valentine’s Day tradition.

“My friend was my Valentine, but we don’t have that much money to spent so we wait till the next week to get each other gifts so everything is at a discounted price,” Christel KoKo (9) said.

By Reilly Stein