Boys’ varsity soccer stretches its talent

The varsity boys’ soccer team has been taking yoga classes with Laura Crawford once a week to improve its performance on the field. The goal of the classes is to loosen players’ muscles and prevent injury so the boys feel the best they can during game time.

“I think having yoga helps the team bond over something more than just soccer in a way,” sophomore goalie Cooper Stein said. “It gives everyone a break in the week to get us all stretched out and helps to prevent injuries.”

Sophomore Jake Klenotich also looks forward to the sessions.

“I like [the yoga] a lot actually,” sophomore Jake Klenotich said. “With how much running I do I get really tight so with the yoga it helps loosen my joints and muscles.”

Taking yoga classes while playing soccer is a form of cross training. 

“I think it’s important because it allows athletes to learn some skills that other sports or training systems may be keen in,” freshman Michael Villanueva said.

Stein also points out that with yoga, injuries are less frequent and recoveries are easier to deal with.

“I think it’s really beneficial for athletes to cross train,” Stein said. “For one it helps with overall athleticism and it gives players a chance to try other things instead of the usual practice.”

By Bailey Hetzel