Quarantine-compromised soccer team falls Mel High

A short-handed boys varsity soccer team fell to Melbourne High 2-0 Wednesday. Senior Michael Villanueva, juniors Brock Ehmer and Gabe Brown-Bertold along with sophomores Mateo Villanueva and  Bradley Oxley missed the game due to COVID-19 quarantine.

“I think we played well with the situation we were put into, definitely left it all on the field,” said sophomore Cannon Hester, who plays left center defender. “The wind during the first half definitely was an advantage and allowed us to keep the game at zero-zero until halftime. Unfortunately with the second half, the wind in our face, we gave up two goals. With five players and three starters out to be in quarantine, we sure did take a big hit and I think we did really well adapting and working hard without them. Definitely looking forward to having them back and seeing what we can do in the future.” 

Sophomore Tommy Brownlie, the team’s center defensive mid-fielder, said the team played well considering the circumstances.

“We were pressured during the game but made good chances every now and then which was really good,” he said. “We obviously are in need of our quarantine players, but I think we did pretty well even without the really important people that got quarantined. For future games it would be a lot easier to have them with us. It’s been pretty difficult without them.” 

By Kate Burgess