Boys’ track and field up and running

High school track and field season has begun with the help of newly named head coach Tony Riopelle and throwing coach, Drew Schaefer. Practices have just started every day except Wednesdays after school.

Schaefer said he’s looking forward to working with this year’s athletes.

“I’m excited to be able to help all of the students achieve their full potential,” he said. “There is an event for everyone to be a part of.”

Newcomers such as freshman Noah Majeed are figuring where they fit on the team.

“I get to be active and spend time with friends at the same time.” Majeed said. “This year I’m excited to be sprinting because I’m not good at long distance at all. I get out of breath way too quickly.”

Majeed was also persuaded to join track from one of his best friends, freshman Christopher Schaefer.

“Doing track is way more fun when you are with your friends,” Schaefer said. “You get to run around and throw things without getting into trouble.”

By Kaley Schaefer