Boys’ tennis advances to regional play

Aalekhya Tenali, Business Manager

After two grueling days of district match play, junior Chris Wong, senior Ankur Mehindru and freshman Colin Apt placed second in their respective lines to lead the school’s team to a historic second-place finish, qualifying the team for a spot in the regional playoffs.

The biggest change in the team this season has been Coach Rick Boysen, who is a local tennis pro. According to Wong, Boysen’s intensive practices, conditioning and guidance have pushed the players and expanded the team’s potential.

The team will travel to West Palm Beach today to face off against Jupiter Christian at 4 p.m. According to Mehindru, Jupiter Christian is a private school with a reputation for recruiting players and talent that has earned it a spot in the state playoffs every year.

Despite the upcoming challenge, the team remains enthusiastic.

“We are going to try our best to play hard and make coach proud,” Wong said.

Mehindru also remains undaunted by the opponent’s reputation.

“I credit our success to perserverance, practice and experience,” Mehindru said. “I’m going to stick to my routine of downing mountain dew and cold pizza before the match. We’ll play hard and just hope for the best.”