Boys’ soccer snatches district title

Carleigh Walter, News Editor

Breaking the curse, boys’ varsity soccer pummeled Satellite 7-0 in the District Championships on Satellite’s home turf Friday night.

“It was intense and competitive,” said junior Liam Wixted, making one goal of his own and then assisting his younger brother, freshman Aidan Wixted, in another. “No team around Brevard has put in as much effort or work as we have, and we have a great team atmosphere, great team character, just great chemistry.”

During the half-time team talk, the elder Wixted was praised for his performance by coach ‘Scotty’ Armstrong, saying, “Since watching you play when you were eight that is by far the best you have ever performed.”

Liam isn’t the only Wixted to talk about though, as younger brother Aidan finished the night with two goals, one being in the first four minutes of the game, and six attempts on goal.

“At the beginning of the game I knew what we were going to do, I knew our game plan. I just felt it inside of me that I could get in and just put one in,” the freshman said. “I play my role and do what I’m told to do.”

Controlling the midfield and shutting down the channels along the sidelines, the boys’ team managed to finish off the game in a shutout.

“We were able to shut down the other team quickly even in transitions, being able to win the first and second ball,” junior center defender Jimmy Madden said.

Acknowledging flaws in the almost flawless performance, Madden also accounted for issues with miscommunications among the defense during set plays and failing to mark up fast due to this, still remaining that the team did an outstanding job.

“Offensively we wanted to spread them out and keep possesion and spread them out, but when they were pressing us to find the space behind them and play the long balls to relieve the pressure all we had to do was finish,” senior  John Bocinsky, one of three captains, said.

Relieved and relishing in the win, the senior expressed his joy in winning his first district title before graduating and going off to college.

“We came in with the mentality that we wanted to win district so we were focusing on it all week,” Bocinsky said. “We prepared the right way, we warmed up the right way, everybody trusted each other to do the right things and we executed when we needed to, so we came out on top. This is the best way to end my high-school soccer career. It keeps going from here but working so hard to win a district champion for four years and then finally doing it the last year. I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

Fellow senior, scorer, and captain Kevin Kurtz also enjoyed the fruits of the long awaited win.

“For most of the game and even afterwards it doesn’t feel real,” he said. “I don’t think it will really hit home until tonight when I’m going to bed and I think about what happened today . It’s a big thing for all our seniors to win this game, and win this title. They have to make a movie about this in the future. It’s just going from three wins in a seasons, to three or four losses in another, to finally end up here winning the District Championships. We never thought we would be here, especially when teams used to beat us 8-0 and now it’s reversed. It’s just really unreal and someone’s going to have to make this movie.”

Friends and family of the players went out to celebrate after the game at Doubles Hoagies and prepare to host their first Regional against Lake Highland Prep on Tuesday.

Senior Nabil Motlagh, also a co-captain, was also one to watch throughout the season, leading the offense with 28 season goals and an assist to Aidan Wixted in the championships.

Junior Tyler Moscrip and sophomore Ryan Robidoux also scored, Moscrip in with 10 minutes left of the first half and Ryan in the last 22 minutes.