Boys’ soccer looks to reload after graduating seven


After graduating seven seniors, the boys’ varsity soccer team is going into a new season. Current varsity players said the roster change has the potential to alter the dynamic and leadership positions.

“We’re going to be bringing a lot of young players in, so it’s going to be harder because not many of them have played the system that we play,” said Gavin Robidoux (10), a varsity player since eighth grade.

The boys currently run a 4-5-1 formation or a 4-3-3, but players  said formations differ depending on their opponents approach.

“It kind of depends on how the other team plays,” Robidoux said. “If they defend more, then we play possession and make them chase the ball and get tired, but we keep it from them. But if they put high pressure on our backs, then we either play through the middle or play over the top.”

The change in the roster will subsequently cause a change in leadership. Sophomore Brody Hetzel (10) said seniority will help fill leadership positions.

“The seven seniors were all leaders, but no matter their age, everybody on the field is very talkative and gives constructive criticism and is a leader in their own way,” he said. “But naturally this year’s seniors will probably step up and lead.”

Despite the changes, Hetzel looks welcomes the approaching season.

“Club games are usually far away,” he said.  “So i’m looking forward to representing my school and having my friends come out and support me.”

By Tenley Paul