Boys’ lacrosse welcomes new coach

By Jack Moore, Staff Writer

Ending the season with a record of 2-11, the boys’ lacrosse team has high hopes that a new coach will bring enthusiasm and success to the program.

“We have the fundamentals down, now we just need to focus on teamwork and leadership,” sophomore Jake Dimond said.

With a combined 21 years as a player on five champion teams and a assistant coach for Holy Trinity, Dan O’Halloran has been hired as the new head coach.

“Having so much experience on champion teams makes me a winner, and its infectious,” O’Halloran said.

O’Halloran has watched the Wildcats struggle for the past three years and has also observed their continued fight to be recognized as a challenge for opposing teams.

Practicing during the summer with the players is a part of O’Halloran’s plan to simply “win” he said.

“Repetition and continuous practice is how teams become victorious, and this schedule is what West Shore desperately needs,” he said.

As a result, O’Halloran has been hosting wall-ball clinics to meet the new players and to survey the skill set of the team.

“We really need a coach who understand the game of lacrosse,” said junior Ryan Bellone. “Coach Dan is super-enthusiastic about the upcoming season and he wants to win just like me,” he said.