Boys lacrosse scores three in losing effort

The boys’ lacrosse scored three goals against Melbourne Central Catholic on Wednesday night in a 19-3 loss.

“Offensively we played a much better game than last, so that’s good,” sophomore Thomas Kendrick said. “We just need to buff our defense more and improve our stick skills and we will play a better game.”

Even though the boys knew they had little chance for a victory, they went into the game ready to play.

“Well we knew we were going up against a hard team and we knew we had to give it all we got,” sophomore Ryan Bellone said. “So we did, and surprisingly we scored three goals which so far is an improvement on our game.”

The team continues to refine its approach.

“It was probably one of the best games we’ve played all season,” senior Robert Pagen said. “It just happened to be the best team in the district, so that kind of cancelled that out. I missed the first game against them and they’re definitely a lot better than anyone else I’ve played against.”

By Mary Kelly