Boys’ lacrosse desperate for win

After losing two consecutive games against Rockledge High School and Merritt Island High School, the boys’ lacrosse team is “desperate to get a win” with their current four win and seven loss record, and they have a very reasonable opportunity tonight against the Eau Gallie High School Commodores.

“We simply haven’t been playing to our utmost potential,” senior goalie Jack Moore said. “We are now four and seven, when we should be seven and four. We are desperate to get a win to put the team back on its feet, and we can easily do that tonight against Eau Gallie, considering we beat them ten to one last time we played. In order to win, our offense needs to move the ball around; it’s something we have been really struggling with during the past couple of games, and ball movement is crucial in order to win. Our defense also needs to toughen-up and body-up players. A tough defense is very effective and leads to victories.”

Junior attack Chris Melchiori contributed to Moore’s input that ball movement is crucial to the team’s victory tonight.

“Our ball movement has been the reason we have lost the last two games and are currently four and seven,” Melchiori said. “Our offense is truly very good, and we need to come to the realization that we are playing very poorly on the offensive end for such a talented group of guys. The ball needs to move quickly and accurately tonight, and if that happens, I am certain we will get a much needed win.”

The Wildcats will travel to Eau Gallie High School to play the Commodores at 7:00 PM.