Boys’ lacrosse claws out first victory

Krunal Patel, Staff Writer

Senior Dillon Thompson scored three goals and junior Ethan Miles, freshman Grant Fontaine, and eighth-grader Noah M. each scored one as the boys’ lacrosse team won its first game of the season and as a varsity team 6-4 against Wekiva High School on Saturday. Wekiva’s team was composed of its best junior-varsity players and some of its varsity players.

“I thought I did pretty well, made a few goals and got an assist, but I think as a team we did really well,” senior Dillon Thompson said. “Also, our defense did good at stopping them from scoring which gave our offense more opportunities to score which led us to wining the game.”

Although the Wildcats pulled out a win, sophomore Jack Moore said they could have played better.

“If we follow our plays and play aggressively, we can have play and manage to win a couple more games,” he said.

The lacrosse team, playing on the varsity level for the first time after being a club sport last season, is still trying to build up their teamwork.

“We’re a first year varsity team and we are still trying to build up our chemistry,” sophomore Ryan Bellone said. “It’s also a challenge because we lost many of our previous players since they were seniors.”