Boys’ JV basketball sets team for new season

Coming on the heels of a season in which the  junior-varsity basketball team didn’t win a game, the boys have begun to regroup following last week’s tryouts.

“Tryouts went well,” sophomore Luke Marzano said. “I think everyone came out to play. It [stinks] for the people who didn’t make it but, I think we’ll have a pretty good team this year.”

Effort, skills and attitudes were taken into consideration by the coaches during the tryouts. After various drills and scrimmages, the coaches made their choices.

“We ran some good drills,” sophomore Sam Tsark said. “They pretty much tested if individuals were giving effort to be on the team, because that’s really what coach was looking for. The drills that we ran, I think were really well-chosen, and I’m not surprised with who made the team. Everyone who made it, they put their all out there.”

The roster includes nine new players. They are: Tsark, freshmen Jesse Bratman, Luca Sullivan, C.J. Coyle, Alex Morin, Liam Schutte, Charlie Pavlick, Lucas Goldfarb and Dylan Fain. In addition, new coach Chip Golden will direct the season.

“I expect to practice a lot, get better as a team and definitely win more games than last season,” Bratman said 

By Madison Ainbinder