Boys defeat Covenant Christian 63-56

The varsity boys’ basketball triumphed over Covenant Christian 63-56 Friday.

“We knew we’d win,” Bennett Kent (11) said. “Covenant has never been a threat to us.”

Covenant may have been a bit more of a contender than Kent thought.

“They played slightly better than expected, they had some good shooters,” Kent said.

The coach says no team should be underestimated.

“The team expected Covenant to be a very easy to team to defeat,” Coach Wardell Collins said. “Confidence is good but the players shouldn’t complacent when they think they have an easy win.”

Kent said they played well in the game though.

“They were easy to guard,” Kent said. “And many of them were younger and smaller so it was easy for me to score in the paint.”

West Shore played the game in front of many alumni home from college for break.

“I liked playing in front of them because I used to play with some of them, so it was pretty cool to have them watch and see how I play now,” Kent said.

The coach said he appreciated the graduates’ support as well.

“It was nice of them to come out and watch their high school play,” Collins said. “I think it motivated the boys to play better and show out for the win.”

By Liam Schutte