Boys’ basketball starts tourney strong

Konur Oyman, Staff Writer

After opening a 16-point lead at the beginning of the game, the boys’ varsity basketball team defeated the Bell Bulldogs 68-43.

The Wildcats took to the road to begin the first of two tournaments they will be participating in.  In  their first tournament, the Bronson Tournament, they faced Bell as their first opponent. After gaining a commanding lead in the first quarter, the ’Cats rode their lead throughout the rest of the game.

The Wildcats were lead by junior power forward/center Sam Lack who recorded 14 points and five boards.  Other major contributers include senior guard Anthony Wattwood who had 13 points and five rebounds and senior forward Tommy Panouses who had 10 points and three rebounds.

“We knew how to defend them so our defensive game plan went perfectly,” Lack said. “We knew they really only had one shot-maker, and once we locked him down it was easy to win.”