Boys’ basketball slips past Harmony

Facing Harmony High, the boys’ basketball team, lead by Scott Maggio(12), started the season with a 61-60 preseason victory.

“It was not an easy win,” Maggio said. “We began the game with a lead but our offense started to have trouble and the other team got close.”

Kyle Peters (10) expressed mixed emotions after the game.

“It’s a good thing we won, but it was a little too close,” he said. “Since it was such a close game, I think we need to step it up a little to get bigger wins in the season. The win boosted our confidence a ton.” 

After getting out to a big first-half lead, the Wildcat began to run out of steam.

“The last minute was really intense, “Peters said. “We were playing full-court, man-to-man defense and got a steal after a basket which won us the game.”

That steal was made by Maggio.

“We were up by one point with only a few seconds left on the clock,” Maggio said. “The other team had the ball and tried passing it down the court for a winning shot, but I intercepted the pass.”

By Liam Schutte