Board OKs lacrosse as a varsity sport

Sam Lack, Sports Editor

The school board ended the wait of lacrosse fans, players and parents across the county on Aug. 16, when members voted to make lacrosse a sanctioned and FHSAA approved sport.

Five Brevard County schools — including West Shore, Eau Gallie and Merritt Island — will field varsity lacrosse teams with the option of adding junior varsity squads if enough interest is shown.

Each school’s team will be responsible for its own fundraising, with the help of the Friends of Brevard Lacrosse, an organization that was essential in making lacrosse a varsity sport.

Senior and current lacrosse player Charles Owen attended the meeting.

“This is great news for all of us,” Owen said . “We can get varsity letters and play teams we couldn’t last year.”

Boys’ lacrosse Coach Charlie Crawford appeared ecstatic following the decision.

“I am excited and very optimistic for the sport and our teams,” Crawford said. “We will have a tough season as far as wins go because five of the other teams [in the division] have players that have  been playing lacrosse for up to six years. Wins alone are not the measure of a team.”

Crawford thanked Principal Rick Fleming for his support and enthusiasm.

“Mr. Fleming is the primary reason for lacrosse at West Shore.  He is truly the best example of how a principal that has a heart for the kids will move mountains for their benefit,” Crawford said. “He is a shining example for students that a caring spirit, perseverance and hard work will bring you success in life.”

West Shore will play a 14-game schedule this season. The Wildcats will play a home-and-home series with each of the seven teams on a schedule that features other teams in the county and in their division.