Blue Ribbon celebration set for Friday


Matt Kish

West Shore Jr/Sr High School

Matt Kish

In its 20 years of operation, West Shore has won three National Blue Ribbon awards. To celebrate, West Shore facility has decided to dedicate an entire day to commending this achievement Friday. Dubbed Blue Ribbon Day, teachers promise to give a fun-filled day with games, movies and pizza.

“I’m looking forward to getting a little break from school to hang out with my friends,” sophomore Madi Sink said. “However, I don’t think we’re going to get anything done in 20-minute class periods.”

After lunch, students will head to their homerooms, where they’ll drop off their backpacks. Then, the official Blue Ribbon Day will start, and students will spend two and a half hours in the ceremony, watching movies, playing games and talking with friends.

“I think It’s really cool that our administration is organizing this event and letting us do this as a school,” sophomore Elizabeth Beattie said. “Receiving this award is a huge honor, and combining it with our 20th anniversary is even grander.”

By Matt Kish