Black Cultures Club plans busy year

The Black Cultures Club is starting the year with a new mindset. Few events were planned last year because of the clubs’ late start in the school year.

“This year I’m optimistic because I can plan ahead,” club sponsor Angela Feldbush said.

According to Feldbush this year the club goal plans to have one event scheduled for each month. Club president Makayla Bentley said it’s a realistic goal that the club can accomplish.

“Our goal will be met. Failure isn’t an option,” Bentley said. “As president I take responsibility and one event a month is not unrealistic. It’s that simple.”

According to Bentley and Feldbush, the club’s main obstacle is planning the events out quickly.

“We always start off with the general idea, but when I assign the members to research and bring back the information for the different committees it makes the process difficult,” Bentley said.

Currently the club’s plans include a genealogy project, bonding activities, a food drive and a Kwanza celebration.

“Even though planning the events is probably the hardest part, [Assistant Principal Jim] Melia has been really willing to help in any way possible,” Bentley said.

By Angela Ahern