Birthdays wishes can help fund Prom

Sydney Saunders, Staff writer

Sophomore Club Officers continue to raise money for the Junior Class Prom. Officers have planned a monthly bulletin board to post notifications and announcements for sophomores.

The board will contain monthly birthday “shout-outs,” and students will have the option of purchasing a spot on the wall. The cost to post a picture will vary with each size; $2 for a wallet size, and $3 for an index card. In addition, students may also purchase a scrolling “happy birthday” announcement on the school marquee for $15. All proceeds will go to the Sophomore Class.

“Students want to be recognized when they receive special awards or any other important moments that they experience during their high school years,” club member Sam Watson said.

The Sophomore Class also would like to hold a design contest, where the wining student would design a class T-shirt or sweatshirt that would be sold to sophomores.

“Students in Powderpuff had class bracelets, and they were quite catchy,” club member Bridget Lee said. “Almost everyone in school wanted to have one. They would be a great fundraiser for Sophomore Class.”

The Sophomore Class is asking students to contribute additional fund-raising ideas to sponsor Sue Woyshner in Portable 7 or to post them on the Facebook “Westshore Sophomore Class” page. Officers also are looking for a class motto, song and flower.

The next meeting will be held Nov. 25 at 8 a.m. in Woyshner’s classroom.