Biomes on display in media center

Throughout the week seventh-graders have been bringing in their biome dioramas for science class. The dioramas are being held in the media center where audiences can observe and learn about different biomes around the globe. Biomes, often referred to as ecosystems, involve climates and geography that contain varied communities of plants, animals and soil organisms.

The assignment called for students to choose any biome from around the world, create a diorama and present it to their class.

“The project is designed to teach the students about different symbiotic relations and how animals interact around the planet,” science teacher Alexandra Michaels said. “Presenting to the class is the one part the students hate.”

Michaels has assigned this project for the past six years and says it’s one of her students’ favorite projects.

“The project was a lot of fun and it really helped me understand different biomes also it prepared my for our ecology test,” seventh-grader Austin O. said.

By Jack Moore

Editor’s note: Brevard Public School policy prohibits the use of middle-schoolers’ names on district websites.