Basketball team works on conditioning

Conditioning. Many athletes’ least favorite thing, except for the boys’ basketball team which started conditioning this month in preparation for next season, getting ahead by starting months before tryouts — which won’t be until October. Most athletes would want a break, especially as travel basketball is beginning, however, the boys’ see the quick start as an opportunity.

“Any chance we can get right now before the start of the season is another chance to improve,” sophomore James Green said. “Some new players have been coming to the conditionings, and it allows previous players to get a feel of what’s to come next season.”

With conditionings two to three days a week, the boys get the opportunity to determine how one another play and to get to know them better off of the court.

“Starting early gives us the opportunity to get to know each other,” freshman Jesse Bratman said. “We’re figuring out each others play styles and getting in a lot of team bonding, which I really think could help us going forward.”

By Madison Ainbinder