Basketball introduces new training regimen

Boys’ varsity basketball coach Tony Riopelle has introduced a new set workout which he calls “The Circuit.” The workout consists of an ongoing four-minute cycle of running and various weight-training exercises.

“We sprint the right base, line we jog the next three — and we do that for two minutes — and then for a minute, we take a break and then we lift for the last minute and go back to running. Junior Khalil Paul said. “We do this for about 24 minutes.”

Players hope the new regimen will help them keep up with the more energized and quicker opponents.

”The circuit helps with our endurance and strength,” sophomore Travis McClendon said. Not only do you have to be strong, but you also need to have a lot of stamina. This circuit will help us get to the level we need to be at for the season.”

Varsity team tryouts will be held Monday in the gym.

By Carl Koko