Basketball girls sign up for track

With the end of the girls’ basketball season drew to a close, team members have begun transitioning their athletic talents to other sports. Five of the varsity players are now competing in track and field.

“I started throwing shot put and discus as a freshman,” junior Victoria D’Esposito said. “I did it primarily because my parents thought it would be a nice and easy thing to do after basketball.”

“I joined because [D’Esposito] did it the year before, and she asked me to do it with her our sophomore year,” junior Jordan Bauer said. “I enjoy it because it keeps me in shape, but it isn’t as rigorous as basketball is.”

D’Esposito and Bauer then persuaded freshman Hana Bilicki to throw.

Two other varsity players, Lauren and Kristen Burns, have signed on to run track and field.

“I’m excited to be participating in track because I love running,” Lauren Burns said. “It just makes me feel calm.”

By Nora McSorley