Band program to add new tools

During the past week, school band director Christopher Houze traveled to Tampa for professional development to learn new skills to improve his program. The event lasted three days and ended with a concert on Saturday night.

“This event was a pleasant experience because the band that played created a rich sound that a band can’t normal create with the difficulty of the music ramped up,” Houze said. “In the end, this put more tools in the toolbox to use in our band.”

The event started with professional development, and was also the destination of the All-State band. The band practiced for four-hour chunks Thursday and Friday and the members performed a concert on Saturday night.

“I was happy that I went to this because besides getting new tools to help with the band program, I got to experience a live concert put on by the All-State band,” Houze said.

Band members plan to using these new tools for the upcoming NPA performance in the spring.

By Trystan Hornby