Balancing AP classes, jobs proves challenging

Juniors Brooke Lorigan and Faith Collins face difficulties balancing AP classes and jobs.

“I work about 10 hours a week,” Lorigan said about her job at K-9 Campus. “After school I have work from [shortly] after school [ends] to close, which is at 6, but I can be there until 7:30 at times.”

Collins encounters similar dynamics with her job at Publix.

“I’ve had a couple times where my manager will ask me to stay a bit longer or [come] into work a bit earlier,” Collins said. “This has caused problems before considering [how] I pre plan when I am going to do my homework based on the work schedule I am given earlier in the week.”

Each girl takes four AP classes which means that there are often large assignments due.

“Certain times, like when I have a big project due or have to complete packets of work before a test, work can interfere,” Lorigan said.

Collins said she has similar hassles.

“With the work I have to put in for AP classes outside of school “Sometimes [it] leads to me stressing [more] and then losing sleep [because] I worry about how I’m going to get everything done.”

By Isabella Rootsey